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Patients wait in line to be registered at Kigoma Baptist Hospital in Tanzania. Because of the volume of need, the hospital may occasionally run out of room or resources. But International Mission Board medical missionary Larry Pepper says that doesn't last long -- churches always step up to fill in the gaps. View Story | Download Photo
Scott Swedenburg (right), a member of Dawson Memorial Baptist Church in Birmingham, Ala., visits with a patient at Kigoma Baptist Hospital in Tanzania. After seeing the hospital's great need for more space a few years ago, the church helped build a new pediatric wing to further the hospital's ministry. View Story | Download Photo
The Kigoma Baptist Hospital in Tanzania has become a beacon of hope to the surrounding area, thanks to the way churches support IMB medical missionaries Larry and Sally Pepper through giving and meeting tangible needs. View Story | Download Photo
A young Syrian refugee holds a newborn baby girl, the first of her family born in Europe. They and other refugees are part of a huge population worldwide -- more refugees than ever before in recorded history are fighting to build new lives around the globe. View Story | Download Photo
Syrian Kurds arrive at a camp for refugees in northern Iraq. All over the world, thousands of people are moving across borders, leaving everything familiar so that they can escape unrest or persecution in their countries. It's a huge crisis, but it has also opened doors for Christ followers to share the gospel. View Story | Download Photo
At a refugee center in Greece, volunteers use art therapy to help children regain some of what's been lost. In many locations around the world, churches are partnering with IMB workers to offer help and hope to refugees. View Story | Download Photo
The world has more refugees today than ever before in recorded history. All over the world, they are fighting harsh conditions to escape the threat of and start a new life. IMB workers say they have seen this tragedy open doors to share the hope of the gospel. View Story | Download Photo
Jerrell Altic (center), a former pastoral staff member at Houston's First Baptist Church has admitted to embezzling more than $800,000 from the congregation, according to media reports. View Story | Download Photo
Members of Autumn Rain Baptist Church in Sichuan, China, at worship in October. About 100 of them were jailed beginning Dec. 9 for their faith. View Story | Download Photo
A processional into Southern Seminary's Alumni Memorial Chapel begins the 222nd commencement exercises at the Louisville, Ky., campus. View Story | Download Photo
Masters students stand to receive their diplomas from Southeastern Seminary President Danny Akin during the Dec. 7 commencement. View Story | Download Photo
Paul Chitwood View Story | Download Photo
Sam Bierig, dean of Spurgeon College at Midwestern Seminary, celebrates with Chase Roberts, who graduated with an M.Div. degree during MBTS’ commencement exercises Dec. 7. View Story | Download Photo
Russell Moore View Story | Download Photo
Félix Cabrera View Story | Download Photo
Los voluntarios de Alivio Bautista del Sur en Desastres han estado sirviendo en todo el mundo, tan al oeste como en la isla Saipán en el Océano Pacífico como en la costa este de las Carolinas en Estados Unidos. Después de varios meses de crisis, los bautistas han continuado enviando la ayuda de esfuerzos de alivio y la esperanza del Evangelio. View Story | Download Photo