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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

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  • Church's firewood ministry helps families stay warm

    by Scott Barkley , posted Tuesday, January 09, 2018 (one year ago)

    Photo by Duane Manders/Antioch Baptist Church
    BLAIRSVILLE, Ga. (BP) -- In the mountains of north Georgia, volunteers at Antioch Baptist Church work year-round on a unique ministry -- providing firewood to those in need.

    During the recent cold snap when temperatures dropped to near zero some days, it's been more important than ever.

    The ministry began when a small group of men began splitting wood and storing it in the Blairsville church's parking lot nearly 10 years ago. As one would expect, winter arrives a little earlier and lingers a little longer in the mountains than other parts of Georgia. And even though electrical and gas heat are certainly used, many still utilize wood-burning fireplaces and stoves. Read More

  • GuideStone announces new location in Dallas

    by Roy Hayhurst, posted Tuesday, January 09, 2018 (one year ago)

    Submitted photo
    DALLAS (BP) -- GuideStone Financial Resources plans to relocate in late summer 2018 to 115,000 square feet of new leased offices about 10 miles north of its current facility.

    The financial services arm of the Southern Baptist Convention has occupied its current home in Dallas' Uptown district since 1989. GuideStone's headquarters building has been sold, but will be leased back until the move can be completed.

    GuideStone trustees have worked closely with staff as the entity undertook a study in early 2017 to assess its facilities needs in light of its long-range goals. The move to Pinnacle Tower in the North Dallas area will occur as GuideStone celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2018. It has been based in Dallas since its founding in 1918. Read More

  • Baltimore pregnancy center wins against city mandate

    by Tom Strode, posted Tuesday, January 09, 2018 (one year ago)

    WASHINGTON (BP) -- A Baltimore, Md., pro-life pregnancy help center has gained another court victory over the city's attempt to require it to communicate government-approved speech.

    The U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Jan. 5 a Baltimore ordinance violated the First Amendment's free-speech clause by mandating pro-life centers display signs saying they do not provide abortions or contraceptives or make referrals for the services. The law does not require abortion clinics to post messages communicating what services they do not provide. Read More

  • Ala. vs. Ga.: Post-season play in a postmodern era

    by David H. McKinley, posted Tuesday, January 09, 2018 (one year ago)

    Screen capture from ESPN
    AUGUSTA, Ga. (BP) -- At the risk of adding to the paralysis of analysis (ad infinitum, ad nauseam) following big games, I have found myself captured by a powerful parable I need to examine and express before time passes and the imagery of the Alabama victory fades.

    Monday night's National Championship game between Alabama and Georgia in the College Football Playoffs displayed all the expected traits of the strong, calculated and daring leadership Nick Saban has brought and continues to bring to college football in this era. Read More

  • Most churches offer Wi-Fi but skip Twitter, study says

    by Bob Smietana, posted Tuesday, January 09, 2018 (one year ago)

    NASHVILLE (BP) -- Going to church for some can be a bit like hanging out at Starbucks. The coffee's hot, the people are friendly, and the Wi-Fi is almost always free.

    Seven in 10 Protestant churches (68 percent) provide Wi-Fi for both guests and staff, according to a survey of Protestant senior pastors that LifeWay Research released today (Jan. 9).

    Most also have a website (84 percent) and a Facebook page (84 percent).

    But few have ventured on Twitter (16 percent). Read More

  • FIRST-PERSON: Revival & the glory of God

    by Doug Metzger, posted Tuesday, January 09, 2018 (one year ago)

    Doug Metzger recounts his realization that the motivation to pray for revival amid churches and a culture in decline must be, first and foremost, for the glory of God. Read More