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Friday, November 21, 2014

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  • Obama's actions on immigration called 'unwise'

  • Mormons grappling with their history

  • Snowmelt flooding puts DR on alert

  • Panel: DR works disasters on deeper level

  • Pastors experience God's timing in Ecuador

  • Churches mobilize fellow blacks in missions

  • Nev. Baptists elect first black president

  • ETS meeting: 'Southern Baptists everywhere'

  • Ohio Baptists support CP, armed forces

  • CALL TO PRAYER: Thanksgiving's empty chairs

  • EDITORIAL: Philae y el diseño divino

  • Los bautistas de Florida y Cuba dan las gracias a John Sullivan

  • Estudio: pastores titulares apoyan reforma inmigratoria

  • Moore: la afirmación del papa del matrimonio es 'fuerte'

  • Warren en el Vaticano: Sean 'encantadores ante el ataque'

  • EDITORIAL: Philae y el diseño divino