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A Southern Baptist Disaster Relief chainsaw unit out of Olive Baptist Church in Pensacola, Fla., wasted no time removing downed trees this weekend from a homeowner’s yard in Florida’s panhandle. Southern Baptists have activated several units like this and multiple kitchen units as well in what is expected to be a large, long-term response to assist survivors of Hurricane Michael. NAMB photo by Sara Brockmann.

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Hurricane Michael: Baptists putting pieces together

PANAMA CITY, Fla.(BP) -- Freight trains overturned on the railroad tracks in Panama City, Fla. Power lines downed for miles around the Southeast. Hundreds of thousands of trees decapitated by the buzz saw named Hurricane Michael. Despite the carnage, many churches in Panama City and beyond held Sunday (Oct. 14) morning services just four days after Michael made landfall. Mike Claunch, pastor of St. Andrew Baptist Church, reminded his congregation, "Michael came as a surprise to us, but it wasn't a surprise to God." Read More